Wishing you joy this season

Happy holidays - whatever you celebrate, may it be filled with heaps of joy.

The holiday season means lots of time with family for me. Love this time of year with them but it can also be stressful. Family time can bring up a lot of old “stories” and self-talk which can throw you off balance and stress you out. (My dad somehow always manages to tell embarrassing stories of boyfriends past )

To remain balanced during these holidays, focus on these three things:

  1. Joy - revel in the joy without the judgment or guilt. SMILE!

  2. Compassion - feel for yourself and those around you and meet them where they are at. Give and receive lots of HUGS

  3. Appreciation - express sincere gratitude for whatever and whomever you have around you. Give THANKS

Being mindful of these 3 things and bringing them to the front of your mind with intention will help you BE BALANCED this holiday season.

This is “a wonderful life.”

Take care of you and yours, see you in 2018.


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