Can you imagine taking some time for yourself? Here’s how…

Stop - lower your eyes and take 3 slow, deep breaths. As you breathe, repeat to yourself these words - “I am”. ... Another word will rise to the surface and that will be your need or your intention moving forward.

That is where you start.

Start with what is really bugging you and/or what you really want. Not just the surface stuff, but what you long for in your heart.

This is how you start to prioritise yourself and take time for you. When you honour yourself, everything in your world changes.

According to pioneering researcher Kristin Neff, PhD, highly self-compassionate people turn out to be more motivated, courageous in the face of risk, and quicker to bounce back when they fail.

They also report being more fulfilled in the following areas:

• Achieving their goals

• Being more creative

• Feeling more satisfied at work and in their personal relationships

That is the beginning and I would like to invite you on a Balanced Babe Retreat in 2018 to deepen your journey towards wellbeing, calm, confidence and self-care.

You are invited

Can you imagine experiencing time in gorgeous locations curated especially for you to reconnect with yourself, your purpose and your joy with a group of beautiful and positively energetic women?

The Balanced Babe Retreats are places where you go to find answers to the questions that your heart asks you - to rejuvenate, relax and rebalance yourself. Those answers are priceless.

You are the first to be invited. These retreats will be advertised to the general public soon. Spaces are limited to keep the retreats cozy and intimate - giving the space and the personal attention to everyone. Don’t miss out!

The retreats are being offered at early bird 2017 prices of $897.00 per person twin share. These prices will increase on January 1st 2018 so choose the retreat best for you and soon.


Divine locations, delicious food, meditation, activities, workshop sessions, and lots of down time to rest and recharge all included!

BRING A FRIEND OR COME ON YOUR OWN... either way...Don't Miss Out!!

More info & registrations click on your favourite retreat below and RSVP “YES, I will take time for myself!”

Take time for self-care in the bush

February 2018

Take time to nourish yourself by the beach

March 2018

Take time for pampering in the hinterlands

May 2018

We look forward to spending a transformational weekend with you.

Take care, big hugs and namaste,


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