How you can be a more balanced mum

In a time where, ”important sociological changes in recent decades have increased pressure on parents to bring up healthy, secure and successful children who will become well-rounded and engaged citizens” (according to Frontiers in Pyschology), firstly also me to acknowledge that you are doing an amazing job simply keeping you and them alive!

What parents are also understanding is that “combined with a drastic decrease in stay-at-home mothers, these changes have made parenting both increasingly demanding and increasingly difficult.” (according to Frontiers in Pyschology)

This is causing many parents to experience “parental burnout” which is very similar to professional burnout. These are costing us $974 million in health care costs and $11.8 billion in total productivity loss according to Deakin University.

Essentially, we become exhausted, don’t get anything done and isolate ourselves from others.

Before it reaches that stage, or if you want to proactively reach the next level in your career without sacrificing yourself, or if you want to be an even more balanced and joyful mum, coaching is a way to enable you to do more and be more of that mum you envision for your children… and that woman you envisioned for yourself.

Here are some ways that a coach improves your wellbeing as a mum and as a woman. Throughout the article you will see quotes from others women who have worked with me to change their lives.

6 Ways that a coach works with you to improve your wellbeing:

1. Prioritise yourself

The first step in coaching is asking you to invest in yourself in terms of time, energy, space and finances. Those people who commit financially are more likely to follow through with the actions to make a difference to your wellbeing. When you invest in yourself, you send a powerful message to yourself and to those around you that you have value and you are a priority.

“I am important” - Jade

“i am something and I am grateful”- Lani

When you’re willing to say yes to you, and take that leap of faith and prioritise yourself, the universe provides you with amazing rewards.

2. Give you that safe space of no judgement

Family and friends have the best of intentions and it really want to help, so they can be quick to judge in order to “fix” the situation, but without coaching expertise they may only scratch the surface and not create lasting change. A coach is trained to hold that space for you to see yourself more clearly and make the shifts necessary to be balanced and gain more of what you want out of life.

"Whatever you want, she helps with no judging on errors i could have made early on, instead she guides and gives advice and makes you realise no goal is too big". - Becky

3. Increase your self awareness

Coaches will increase your self awareness by “holding up the mirror” and showing you your hidden strengths and your blind spots. I use a researched diagnostic assessment along with my intuition to ensure that you receive deep and meaningful insights into your self that are backed by facts and experience.

“understand the blocks making me unhappy and how to work for balance” - Jacqui

“holy wow, was I confronted with some home truths I didn't even know about myself.” - Lani

Self-awareness is key to continued well-being as it is the foundation for mindfulness and as a coach, I raise your awareness by asking the questions that your heart wants to answer.

4. Take control of your self-talk

9% of women see that they are their own worst critic and this is because of how we talk to ourselves. Sometimes we are not aware and so we don’t know how to shift that story we keep telling ourselves. Coaches can give that objective outsider view and show you how to understand your self talk. These are some of the most powerful and profound moments in my coaching.

“if i change my thoughts, i can change the way i feel” - Tania

Self-talk is extremely powerful to our state of wellbeing given we talk to ourselves at about the rate of 300 words a minute. What we say to ourselves is crucial to our wellbeing and is the keystone of how I change the lives of mothers.

5. Not repeat the mistakes of others

We “google” our symptoms and how to fix ourselves, and how to improve ourselves. We also ask our friends for help. However, what works for one person on the Internet, may not work for you.

Effective coaches have access to a wide range of tools and are accredited in many techniques. Therefore, with their experience (professional and life), they can customise the coaching experience to guide you on an upward path and not repeat mistakes that others have made. As a coach with an MBA, and a mother of three children, I think of myself as coaching mums from a place of expertise, experience … and empathy.

"What immediately impacted me was Shannon’s wealth of knowledge across many areas, and her understanding not only of research but how it fits into practice. Shannon used many analogies to explain her teachings that helped to inspire our thinking." - Fiona

6. Get more done faster - stay on track

A coach can help you get from where you are now to where you want to be faster then you could on your own. They will encourage you to think bigger and ask for more change then you might ask yourself.

"I was so impressed with Shannon’s genuine support, patience and understanding. She helped me take accountability for where I heading in my own life. I was given clarity and the confidence in myself to pave the path towards my dreams. I feel like a lot of stress and pressure was lifted. My time with Shannon helped me gain the ability to set my goals, simplify my life and realise I don’t actually have to sacrifice anything.” - Jasmine

Coaches hold you accountable which is a big motivator to action your steps and follow through on your commitments to yourself. As an objective outsider, they can see when you are going off course and will help steer you back on track more quickly which helps you improve your balance and wellbeing faster.

Coaches are also there with unwavering support alongside you on your wellbeing journey. That support will pick you up when you fall down or falter thus enabling you to reach your personal and professional goals.

How you end up afterwards

How you end up after working with a wellbeing coach is:


You end up more engaged with yourself and your life. A recent Gallup study revealed that only 13% of employees worldwide are engaged at work. Further results also indicated that coaching correlates with increased employee engagement; 65% of employees from companies with strong coaching cultures rated themselves as highly engaged. (Study conducted by HCI and the ICF)

You end up having a more positive wellbeing and you feel happier. Coaches help you identify and align your values, focus your efforts on ways that work, clear mental blocks, so that you are being authentically you and so improve your wellbeing.

Creates a ripple effect

Your wellbeing as a mum has a huge impact on those around you - especially your children. Up to 50% of our genes are transcriptive which means that they are affected by the environment… of which you are a leader as a caregiver. Therefore your wellbeing directly impacts which genes get switch on and which stay dormant in your children.

Working with a coach to improve your wellbeing can change not only your life but those who matter the most to you.

“It was truly the best thing I could do for me and my family – they too are reaping the benefits.” - Amanda

This is about you and who you want to be.

This is ultimately your choice. It is about you, for you and your wellbeing. Whatever you decide, you are saying yes to something or someone. Think about it.

My mission is about improving the lives of children everywhere by helping the mothers to be more balanced and less stressed. I believe that when mothers are more balanced, they enjoy parenting more and so they will BE THE MUM they need to be for themselves and for their children to thrive.

​“The Care Factor and this beautiful lady Shannon Young was who ran the retreat I went to. Seriously this is the best thing I've ever done…” - Lani

If you want to be more of the mum you and your children need to thrive and enjoy life more, contact me and let’s talk in a free 30 minute self-care consultation.


"Shannon is humble, big-hearted and encouraging, and every conversation you have with her will leave you feeling inspired and motivated in your everyday endeavours". - Fiona

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