Dear Frazzled Mum,

Dear Frazzled Mum,

frazzled mother who has had enough

You may look fine on the outside but inside.... things are not what they seem. I see you and I feel it:

  • The tightness in your chest as you catch your breath realising that you've forgotten yet another thing…

  • The weariness in your bones from bearing the physical and mental burden of making sure everything gets done.

  • The tension headache as your brow furrows from remembering everything on your mental to-do list…

  • And the heaviness in your heart as you worry if you're doing a good enough job at being a mum…or as a woman at all.​​​​

​​I remember those feelings.

​​I was as wide eyed and overwhelmed as my little "joey" was in her pouch here. 49% of women said that they are their own worst critic and the stress from being our own worst critic affects more than just us - it affects our kids as well… at a genetic level.

You do everything for your kids. You want the best for your kids, so be the best version of yourself for them by being balanced.

I wish for you dear frazzled mum:

  • To have more time in your day for self-care

  • To walk in the door from work and be able to relax and switch off so you can really enjoy being with your kids

  • To feel energised enough to work, play, laugh and smile (for real)

  • To release the mum guilt and have confidence in your choices

  • To find your “self” again underneath the mother load

I wish for you to be balanced.

I am not a genie in a bottle and I cannot “grant” wishes” but I can help you.

I can help you as I have helped other mums because I come from a place of empathy, expertise and experience. As a mum of three children I empathise completely with you as a mother. As a coach accredited by the IECL for executive coaches, I have the quality expertise to guide you, and with over 20 years experience in coaching leaders, I have the experience to back it up.

Most of all as a mum, I get it and I want this for you and those around you. My mission is to improve the lives children everywhere by helping the mothers to be more balanced and less stressed. When the mothers are balanced and calm, the kids are less stressed - there is less fighting and more peace in the world.

Imagine what life could be like when you are able to dissolve that inner critic and be calm, confident and compassionate to yourself and your loved ones around you.

That is what I wish for you and all mothers... and your loved ones.

Call me for a self-care strategy session to start and see if we “click” and what would work best for your lifestyle - maybe it is a weekend getaway retreat …. or maybe it is a morning workshop…or maybe it is personal coaching that works best for you. At the very least you will walk away with one self-care tip you can use to bring more balance into your life.

Until then… take care, big hugs and namaste,


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