Fill your own marble jar full of self-care

Fill your own marble jar - love this phrase by Brené Brown.

When you trust and honour yourself, EVERYTHING changes. To do that, you need to fill your OWN marble jar with sparkling, colourful, solids and swirls marbles.

Self-trust, self care and self love are all topics we discuss as "thinking women" on the Balanced Babe Retreat. It is profound what women figure out about their own self-sabotage when in a safe space (a vault!) surrounded by like-minded women for support.

Amanda C. said, "I attended a Balanced Babes Retreat at Billabong and came away refreshed and rejuvenated. Shannon provided me with insight into my thinking styles and gave me the tools to become more ‘’balanced’’. Instead of constantly blaming my busy lifestyle for making me feel anxious and overwhelmed, I left knowing that I had the power to take control of the busy lifestyle I lead as a working mother by using a range of mindfulness processes. I felt slightly indulgent when I booked the Retreat but discovered that it was truly the best thing I could do for me and my family – they too are reaping the benefits."

As women, we tend to put others first and think we are doing the "right thing" by filling up other people's marble jars. However we must fill our own jar in order to genuinely fill others. This video explains how that works by looking at "The Anatomy of Trust".

THIS RETREAT IS A MARBLE - take it, put it in your jar and book yourself some me time.

To help you use this marble and prioritise YOU, here is a link for 20% OFF the regular price if you book by Sunday night.


"Consider (AND GO) on the Balanced Babe Retreat – it will completely change your mindset!.” – Fi Morrison

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