As mums, we achieve amazing things almost every day. Sometimes it is as simple as keeping it together on a jam-packed day and sometimes it is as big as … who knows! Sky is the limit! We need to celebrate our achievements. That is important to our self-care.

Celebration is very important in our self care because celebration causes you to focus on what is good and what we pay attention to grows. However many mothers don’t pay attention and/or stop to celebrate ourselves.

Why don’t we celebrate our amazing selves?

Here are three thoughts that talk us down from celebrating:

  1. We are already onto the next thing on the todo list.

  2. It’s not good enough or big enough to celebrate or “that’s just what i do” scenario

  3. No one is around to see it and tell us.

This self-talk is linked to the mummy mind blocks that we need to breakthrough in order to practice radical self care for our well-being.

Why celebrate?

When we don't celebrate, we tell ourselves that we are not important and so we subconsciously lower our self esteem. Using the Care Factor Circle, you can shift these thought patterns. For example:

  1. Shift from absence to attention. Stopping to recognise your achievement rather than move on to the next thing will end up giving you more energy overall.

  2. Shift from comparison to compassion. If you are always comparing yourself to someone else, then you will never truly celebrate because it will never be big enough. “Comparison is the thief of joy” said one president. Have compassion for yourself and realise that “what you just do” is amazing!

  3. Shift from engulfed to empowered. When we are drowning in our self despair or mountains of laundry, celebrating the little things can give us that spark to keep going. No one will ever see all the amazing things that you do and if you wait for someone else to tell you you are good enough to celebrate, you will always tend to be wanting. I am not suggesting that you become a show-off rather I wish that you empower yourself by recognising your own achievements to yourself first. That simple act will boost your self-esteeem.

Celebrating releases those "feel good" emotions in the left prefrontal cortex of the brain. The more we activate this part of the brain, the easier it becomes to feel genuinely happy as those neuron pathways become more and more myelinated. Picture yourself walking through a field of grass, the more you walk the same route, the more defined the path becomes.

When we celebrate, we also unconsciously reinforce that path and tell ourselves to keep doing these things so we can celebrate again and release more of those “feel good” hormones. The brain wants more of those feel good hormones!

In this way, celebrating boosts our wellbeing - mentally, emotionally and physically.

Celebrate your achievements to show yourself self respect and self care.

You, more than anyone else, deserve to shower yourself with sparkles!

This is the 5th in a 5 part series on self-care so this ends here however there are many other ways to take care and appreciate your wonderful self so stay attuned to your wellbeing and there will be more to come.

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