This is the first in a series of 5 self-care rituals to help you BE IN BALANCE. The rituals will come out on #selfcaresunday.

This self care ritual is about SLEEP and sleep is ESSENTIAL to your WELLBEING as a mother. You NEED SLEEP so your brain can process the day and your body can rejuvenate. Unfortunately as a mother, we often do not get enough sleep. This is either due to demands from children or due to an inability to relax enough so you can fall asleep. Nowadays, "I'm so tired" is becoming so commonplace people aren't even paying attention or worse - they wear it as a badge of honour!

There is a reason why sleep deprivation is used as a form of torture by spies etc... - it works! If you don’t get enough sleep (less than 5 hours), you have the cognitive impairment equivalent of a 0.05 percent blood alcohol level. That’s just under being legally drunk. You wouldn't leave your child with a tipsy babysitter? Course not!

So GET SOME ZZZZs to be the BEST YOU that you can.

Plus there is an added bonus. Research shows that getting an extra hour of sleep increases the chances of wanting sex by 14% the next day!


One way to quiet the mind in preparation for sleep is to do a candle meditation. Candle light meditation is referred to as Trataka in yoga. This type of meditation can be easier than using a mantra as it is easier to let go of thoughts when concentrating on a physical “thing”. A regular practice of candle meditation for just a few minutes about an hour before bed, assists to

  • relax the nervous system

  • improve sleep quality - i.e. have a deeper sleep

  • improve neuroplasticity

How to practice TRATAKA

NOTE: THIS IS IMPORTANT! Epileptics should not do this meditation. Persons who are prone to tension headaches should not try hard to focus on the candle light as this may aggravate the pain.

  1. Turn down the lights so the room is dimly lit.

  2. Light your candle and place it at eye level, or slightly below, about a meter away (otherwise it may appear too bright)

  3. Make sure that your head is not tilted too far forward and you are sitting up straight naturally.

  4. Relax your gaze and stare at the candle.

  5. Keep your eyes fixed on the candle flame, and breathe naturally for a few minutes.

  6. Gradually your peripheral vision will fade away until you have no visual awareness of anything but the candle flame.

  7. Close your eyes and see what you see behind your eyelids. Rest for a few minutes.

  8. Open your eyes, blink and feel a sense of calm.

  9. SLEEP WELL - take care, hugs and namaste.

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