How a sprained ankle showed me gratitude.

As I sit here nursing a sprained ankle that looks like I have a golf ball added to my foot, I noticed that I had been saying “thank goodness” to myself a lot this morning as I hobbled around and fixed myself up. Some might think as odd given my situation but I really was thankful.

  • thank goodness someone was there right when I fell in case I had actually broken it and needed serious help

  • thank goodness it didn't rain like the weather forecasted on my run because that would have been much more difficult

  • thank goodness I didn't break my ankle - just sprained it

  • thank goodness people offered me a lift so I didn't feel alone

  • thank goodness the lifeguards were on duty nearby and gave me ice rather than having to walk even further

  • thank goodness the view was beautiful to ease my pain as I iced my foot (see photo)

  • thank goodness that I made it to my friends house and they gave me a lift home when I realised my hobbling was taking too long

  • thank goodness for my high pain threshold so I didn't realise how badly I had sprained my ankle

  • thank goodness for the swelling so that I could see exactly where to put the ice

  • thank goodness for my ragged breathing so that I knew my body needed to rest and not push myself any further

  • thank goodness that my kids are with their father so they can do all the stuff they do on the weekend and I don't have to drive them

  • thank goodness my daughter picked up those crutches months ago off the side of the road so I can use them now to get around the house easily

  • thank goodness that my dog somehow seems to understand my pain and is just sitting here quietly and not asking to go for a walk

  • thank goodness I am aware and can notice all these things rather than be buried in negativity

Why is that? Why was I saying, "thank goodness" when I should have been saying "oh crap!". I wasn't telling myself, "Look for the silver lining, Shannon". I just noticed the things that were in my life that helped me in this situation and adapted my perspective. Apparently, recent research shows that this has to do with the amygdala. See the linked article below for details.

It is not that this is a great situation and it's not that I have rose coloured glasses on. It still hurts! It still changes my plans for the weekend but in all that I can find things to be thankful for because it could have been a whole lot worse.

This is the power of gratitude and a positive mindset - a happy mind.

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