Find your adventurous spirit

In a storm is where you can find your adventurous spirit. You know the one you had when you were a child and thought you were a superhero?

It has been pouring rain here in Sydney over the weekend and this morning I took my son with me to the seaside in the stormy weather. Grey skies, pelting rain, strong winds and not many people out. It was so much fun! We got soaked; we shrieked as we got splashed; we stuck out our tongues to taste the salt spray and we let the wind sweep us up like we were flying.

I love a good storm! It can wake you up; clear out your sinuses; shake your body so it moves and gets the blood flowing; give you a new hairdo (just look at mine. my hair was straight when I left the house!) and literally blow out the cobwebs in your spirit if you let the vital force and power flow through you rather than hide or resist.

Today I experienced more and more as my son pointed out things I hadn't noticed and asked questions I hadn't thought of in a long time - if ever! What a great guide he was for me to reconnect with my inner child and the incredible wonder this world has to offer.

Next storm - look for your inner superhero and connect with your magical thinking. See it as an adventure and you could be amazed at your own super strength!

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