Colouring in - how it works to give you peace of mind.

Colouring in - it is the easiest way I have found, as a mum with three kids, to relax and still be with my kids. This is the latest trend in mindfulness and I included it in my super mum mindset series as the 2nd session and it was by far the most popular session.

Grab a piece of paper, some crayons, pencils and start!

How does colouring help you relax?

It helps in many ways you may've never imagined. And now neuroscience is backing up what kids have known for ages with scientific evidence of the benefits:

  • Colouring is active and active meditation is easier for adults to get into and relax because it is still an activity. We don’t think that we are “sitting around doing nothing”.

  • Colouring keeps you in the present because you need to focus. As long as you don’t stress over staying inside the lines, you gain huge benefits for your brain through coordination and creativity. (If you find that you are getting tense staying in the lines, then stop and try fingerpainting on a blank piece of paper, or doodling, I recommended that to one mother whose perfectionistic thinking style was stressing out her little girl and it worked a treat for both!)

  • Plus kids love to colour so your kids can join in too so they are no longer bugging you while you are trying to do your poses, or wriggling beside you and giggling as you “Ohm”. That doesn't help with relaxing so get them to join in with colouring!

  • Colouring calms down your kids too and gives you a chance to bond more closely with them. It is amazing what kids will say whilst colouring and they are also so proud of their accomplishments in their artwork too!

  • The three key elements of colouring —repetition, pattern and detail— prompt positive feelings in the brain according to cognitive neuroscientist, Dr Rodski.

  • Colouring relaxes the amygdala and so lowers your stress levels as you let go of everything else and concentrate. You tend to find that your breathing slows as well.

  • Colouring is colouring! It is creative and opens people up to express themselves more authentically.

You can purchase a whole book from or where they have ones for adults, or I picked one up at the local newsagent the other day. Colouring books are everywhere so get one and join in the movement!

So i encourage you to enjoy your colouring, enjoy your kids and enjoy taking care of yourself.

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Ok, that's plenty for now.

’Til then, take care of you,


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