Leave these OFF your Personal Brand

When developing a personal brand, people tend to do one of two things:

  • get really excited and go ballistic on everything to end up with a rainbow of adjectives, benefits, and all sorts of stuff that looks pretty but tends not to last.

  • shy away and put up the same resume they did for their last job which results in robotic responses, if any.

A personal brand will develop via neither of these avenues - a personal brand is your story. That story that people know about you and that you share with those who don't know you. It is a story about a certain aspect of you and/or your product that you wish to showcase and share with the world. That aspect is how you are going to fulfill your purpose in your life so let's focus on that!

So please, when developing a personal brand, please leave this items OFF the list.

Same old title

"I am a consultant. I sell products"

These are the standard ways for describing yourself in opening statements or titles. Everybody has heard these before and you won't stand out in amongst all the other chatter. Futhermore, people have preconcieved ideas about standard titles from their own experience and this could turn them off before you have a chance to tell them about yourself and your fabulous brand/service/product.

With your opening statements, you want to engage them - that may take longer but then you have their attention and that's what you want.

How you engage people is with a story. People like listening to stories - good stories of course. Your opening statement as a story need only be 10 words long.

Can you sum up the part of yourself/product your wish to showcase in 10 words? Start with a paragraph and then take out the fluff. Then narrow it down to one big, fabulous and amazing part. Then keep going with refining and you will have your 10 words.

Use that as your opening statement, put that on your home page and business card and see how people engage and lean in to know more about you.

All the accolades

"Fortune 500, Best seller"

It's about them not about you. Leave the accolades for your testamonials or references.

Instead of accolades, use stories about those you have helped (case studies) in the past. People identify with the people in the story and a great story will result in people asking how can they create their own story WITH you. Here is an example.

One of my clients was struggling to motivate himself in his business. He didn't want to work at all some days and it was affecting his sales. He could tell me all about his business but he didn't feel like it reflected him. So we sat down and ran through an brand exercise on "who he was" and "who he wasn't". The results were surprising to him as he realised that his business was not about processes, it was about people! People is what got him up in the morning! So he revamped his website with different images, words and even colours to reflect a people focus. Months later he was nominated as a finalist in his industry for leadership. Now he focusses on the people side as to WHY he is in the business and his business thrives. That is what I help people figure out when they care enoguh to be their very best - I help them figure out what they care about - their purpose.

You do need a great story. That is a story that passes "the bedtime test". Our "Your Personal Brand is your Story" program walks you through a process to build your story with feedback and a template for you to assess yourself to see if it will pass. These stories take time and will be refined over months. Global companies take at least 3 months to develop their story and that is with a dedicated team so be realistic as to your story. It will be your story and that is the most important part - that it is your personal brand.

Everything Else!...

that doesnt have to do with the few amazing aspect(s) you want to share with the world.

Everything in the sense that you can do everything. When you create a message that says you do everything, people can become confused as to where you are the expert. Also you could spread yourself so thin that you can't deliver on your brand promise which is a negative story that hinders the effectiveness of your brand.

You can get confused too, wondering who you are serving with which product/service. I have been there and found myself ruled by my calendar and spending alot of energy switching from one role to another. What I discovered was that I naturally gravitated towards roles to which I was more aligned and thus further defined my personal brand.

Another way to do this is to narrow your target audience. Surprisingly, when you narrow your niche audience, you can fine tune the aspect of yourself that you want to showcase in your personal brand and so you become, and are seen as more of an expert. So focus on a few main aspects of your character that you want to showcase in your brand.

As you engage and refine your personal brand by leaving OFF these things, you will end up with a shining example of who you want to be in the world and people will gravitate towards you.

Take care,



And.. when you care enough to be your very best...

SIGN UP for our "Your Personal Brand is Your Story Program" by clicking on the icon and walk through the process with your online coach to give you feedback and guidance along the way. Then if you wish to progress further, you can add on our website development program to create your own fantastic page that showcases your personal brand in the best way possible for you to fulfill your purpose.

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