Before you go online, you've got to know WHY?

Part 1 of Personal Brand with a Purpose

  • Why you are using the Internet

  • Why you are going into business

  • Why you choose this business

  • Why you don't be another business

  • Why your customers will want you

  • Why you can deliver on your promise

  • Why you are brilliant at this

All these "Why" questions are important to answer before you go online or start your business.

This is about knowing yourself and uncovering your personal brand.

I've been developing leaders in life and business for the past 20 years across the globe and the one common skill across everyone that is required to step up to the next level is “knowing yourself” – knowing your purpose, knowing what you can contribute.

Your personal brand is a megaphone for your purpose.

It is how you describe yourself to people who don't already know you, and what you are known for to those people who do know you. When you know yourself, you know your personal brand.


You've got a personal brand, whether you know it or not.

For small businesses, this in intertwined with your business brand in most cases. For those climbing the corporate ladder, this is an intangible asset that needs to be managed in order to climb.


What is my purpose you ask? My “why” is to increase the care factor in people. Apathy is my enemy; it is worse than hate in my view. “Whatev’…” is the most frustrating word that I hear from my clients but this changes as we uncover their purpose. I want people to care about what they do, why they do it and who they work with. I want everyone to care more. I believe that makes a world of difference and research backs me up with an increase of 22% in productivity when people are engaged with their work.

I want you have a megaphone to show why you care about your business, and you can do this by developing your personal brand.

How we understand and develop and maintain that personal brand is a critical skill to business’ success online and in the real world. It is one of the must have skills in this global marketplace that transcends industry, level, and geography is personal branding. It’s everywhere!

Once you develop your personal brand to be the megaphone for your purpose, you will accelerate your success with authenticity because:

  • It gives you permission to be yourself.

  • It increases your confidence

  • It raises your credibility

  • It gives you direction and allows you to say no

  • It showcases your best authentic self

  • It inspires trust

  • It enables you to stand out amongst all the chatter online.

So before you go online, ask yourself … why?

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