The importance of days like Valentine's Day.

I was watching a romance movie last night when my daughter scoffed “I don’t believe in Valentine’s Day. Its all about flowers and stuff.” Obviously my daughter was too cool for that.

I used to be too cool for Valentine’s Day. We weren't going to fall into the materialistic trap of overpriced chocolates and red roses that I don't even like. We were going to celebrate it every day and didn’t need a special day to tell us what to do.

We had wonderful intentions…that didn’t quite pan out as we expected.

I believe that this happens to many of us in many aspects of our lives.

We believe that we can show that we care on a daily basis, similarly we say we can coach our team informally to improve their performance every day. But how often do we really do this? At work it often takes the “dreaded” performance review to make us stop and review performance. At home, it takes days like Mothers/Fathers Day, birthdays and Valentine’s day to be set in our calendars.

In the busyness of life and the pace of the digital age where we cant even listen to one song at a time but we must listen to two at once in a mash up, I have come to realize that days like these are important reminders to all of us as to what is important.

These days ARE “cool”

These are days to

  • stop,

  • reflect and

  • celebrate.

Here are my views on making this day less materialistic and more about the essence.

  • Make it personal – if your loved one does not like roses, do not buy them roses even if they are on special. Buy them their favourite flowers.

  • Spend the time – time is the most valuable gift of all and one that can never be replaced.

  • Be present – really be present as this shows the other person that they are valued beyond compare. Nothing tops that present. (pun intended) If you like, share your reflections on this day with them.

We are all so rushed in this crazy life that sometimes it takes an “in your face” reminder of a day singled out on the calendar and plastered all over the television and shops, to make us stop and show that we care and appreciate ourselves and each other.

So celebrate these days and make them important, one day we may not need them but right now, I think they are worth it.

Happy Valentine's Day

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