Create a Vision Reminder that Goes with You.

I found this idea in a kids magazine and thought of doing it myself. The idea of being able to carry around visual reminder of my glorious vision of a successful business woman with a fabulous business and wonderful clients who were reaching their goals was attractive to me. Something impactful instantly was the key to keep me on the road to business success.

Little did I realise that this process would have me on a different path…. may surprise you too.

Try this out on your own or with your children if you have them. Do it as a group or build it alone. Any way you create this will be the right way for you and give you something to treasure for the year ahead.

1. Lets get started…

Things you need

  • 1 file folder or 4 heavy cards (regular cards are fine)

  • Tape

  • Glue

  • Scissors

  • Pens (optional)

  • Images and words - I used magazines - traditional me but found myself longing for my instagram photos where i captured images that resonated with me.

  • Clear table or workspace

  • Time - about an hour.

  • Music - optional, remember the type of music you listen to may influence your choice of images and words so keep that in mind.

2. Prepare the cards

  • Decide on a size ( I personally liked A5 because it is smaller and can fit in more bags for me) and draw out card size on the file folder.

3. Cut out your cards

  • Lay the cards out side by side leaving a tiny gap between. This is important because otherwise you wont be able to fold the cards and the accordion style is lost.

  • Tape the cards together on both side for strength

  • Set up the cards and check for alignment. ie. Make sure it stands up!

4. Cut out images and words

  • Go crazy with the scissors and your magazines and cut out everything that resonates with what you want to achieve this year.

This is where it got interesting because as I cut, and reread articles that I had kept, I found myself cutting out words and images on how i wanted to be and things i needed to do to take care of myself. My hidden desires, my subconscious spoke through my choice of images and words which was a big insight for me…. So i have shifted my goals for 2015 to be about taking care of me first. HUGE insight!

5. Glue the images onto the cards

  • Here there could be a number of ways to structure it:

  • do business on one side and personal on the other

  • family on one cards, friends on another, house on another

  • I found that images naturally came together in size and colour and category rather than force a structure onto this so go with what you think works - it is YOUR vision after all.

  • et voila! There you have it. Your own portable vision reminder.


6. Take it with you

  • No point in having a portable vision reminder if you don't take it with you. It folds up neatly and you can just place it in your binder, file or bag

Enjoy and be successful this year - in whatever way that works for you.

Note: if you want these instructions in a template, please go to the home page and click through on Realise your Intention

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