How do we value ourselves?

A big part of how we value ourselves and how others value us is intangible. We cannot put it down on paper or pile it up as material possessions. And we make up our mind pretty quickly on the value of a person. It starts at a very young age on the playground. Somebody is known as the bully, the smart one, the one who is always picked last, the clown etc.. Think of the last time you determined who to invite to your dinner party or put on a team. How did you decide? Their value to the party may have subconsciously influenced your decision.

Now in the workplace, the concept has come into play of a "personal brand". This is that snapshot of yourself, your reputation or "promise" that is out there about you. It is your intangible value and you must learn to identify, believe it and use it to help you achieve your goals.

Personal branding is one of the must have skills in this global marketplace that transcends industry, level, and geography. It’s everywhere!

A personal brand is different to a business brand. However your personal brand is critical to your business brand if you are a start up or entrepreneur; and critical to your career progression if you work in an organisation.

As human beings we are motivated by what we care about and it is vital to align our personal brand with our purpose so that we are authentic. A great personal brand – just like a great company brand – is real.

  • It gives you permission to be yourself.

  • It increases your confidence

  • It raises your credibility

  • It gives you direction and allows you to say no

  • It showcases your best authentic self

  • It inspires trust.

Richard Branson has a brand, Beyonce has a brand, Shane Warne has a brand... and YOU!

Do you know what your personal brand is?

Find out on our website how you can identify and create your personal brand with our 7-week online program. Next course launches on June 5th.

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