Powerful questions to ask yourself.

Put yourself under the magnifying glass with these questions. The questions may raise more questions and that is ok - for as we question, we learn more about ourself and create greater self awareness, which leads to a more balanced and authentic life.

Here are 10 questions in no particular order to get you started... more will be posted as we continue this journey.

  1. Does my life reflect who I am?

  2. What am I unknowingly teaching my children by the ways in which I live my life?

  3. What if nothing and no one was greater than me? What could I do?

  4. What stops me from asking for what I want?

  5. What could happen if I asked for what I want?

  6. What if my contribution was way more important than anyone’s judgments of me? How would I show up?

  7. Am I ready to disappoint another to take care of myself?

  8. What things do I need to let go of to truly be free of being busy…and instead be bold?

  9. What CAN I smile about today???

  10. How have I contributed to my life today?

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