Engage, develop and support your talented women to use their specific strengths to further their career without burning out.

This isn't for every mother

Mckinsey Now companies need to take more decisive action. This starts with treating gender diversity like the business priority it is, from setting targets to holding leaders accountable for results. It requires closing gender gaps in hiring and promotions, especially early in the pipeline when women are most often overlooked. And it means taking bolder steps to create a respectful and inclusive culture so women—and all employees—feel safe and supported at work.

Therefore this program is targeted at the mothers in your organisation who are in leadership positions or are on your succession plans as "high potentials". These are aspiring women who may or may not be struggling but who definitely want to succeed and you want them to "climb the corporate ladder" successfully. This program works alongside their personal development plan and the succession planning process to be sure that you have the right women going for the right positions at the right times.


The core of the Mothers in Leadership:

Balance means Business! program

The Balance means Business! program focuses on 4 major shifts to thrive as a working mother in leadership:

  1. Comparison to Compassion

  2. Absence to Attention

  3. Resigned to Resilient

  4. Engulfed to Empowered


This program looks at core behavioural competencies through the lens of a mother and shows mothers in your organisation how to use their strengths gained from being a mother to excel in these competencies rather than let "being a mother" hold them back.

This program will examine the following areas:


  • goal setting and career path engagement 

  • self-leadership to be focused

  • stress management to be calm in chaos

  • using your personal brand to propel yourself up

  • time and energy management to be sustainably productive

  • transitioning from work to home (and back again) effectively

  • influencing using the power of pose and language

  • networking and managing stakeholders like a mother!


The program is customisable if there are other key behavioural competencies that you wish to address in your organisation.


How the Mothers in Leadership:

Balance means Business! program works.

The program is run using adult learning principles in a group coaching format. It is experiential in nature with a work project blended into the program for focused application of learnings to accelerate development. The program is modular in format to accommodate different business needs. It can be run as 8 - 90 minute sessions during lunch or as a weekend workshop plus one final embedding session.

Return to Work Mentoring – group and individual

  • ​​Return to work mentoring program helps the participant to figure out the best way for them to accelerate their mental transition back to work so that they are confident with choices, happy and productive. This integrated program combines mindfulness, career coaching, strengths assessment, neuroscience and practical motherhood experience to makes the participant a better employee and a better parent - and most importantly a better human being.

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