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Shannon Young is the care factor coach for busy working mothers.


Maybe it is time for you, the carer, to be supported and coached so you can be your best. People who take care of themselves according to pioneering researcher Kristin Neff, PhD turn out to be more fulfilled in the following areas:


  • Achieving their goals

  • Being more creative

  • Feeling more satisfied at work & in their personal relations



How I help amazing, busy working mothers like you...

I coach busy and stressed working mothers to navigate their challenges and rise up as thriving women who are achieving their goals, confident in themselves, caring in their relationships and have found their life-balance. My clients have transformed their lives, they have wanted to "sing from the hillltops" about how great they are feeling and they are experiencing less conflict with their children because they have the tools and the mindset to be balanced.


I lead workshops and weekend wellness retreats for like-minded mothers to bond and relax, reset and rebalance themselves so they can return to their daily lives recharged and invigorated with joy and a zest for life.


Imagine being able to respond to situations rather than react. Imagine being able to be fully present wherever you are, whether it be at work or with your family. Imagine yourself operating at full capacity with energy and enjoying your life more.

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