Build a "First  Team" to Succeed


What if you could break down the silos and have your managers work together as one team? 


How much would that improve your business?


Sign your team up for this signature system to break down barriers between departments and people, and start them talking and working together as a team to take

the business to the next level without leaving the office.


How does the system work?


This system uses a combination of models, assessments and workshops to establish the "5 cohesive behaviours of a team".


  • The leader of the team is coached on specific leadership techniques to move the team forward.

  • Then the team works on a business problem in collaboration booster workshops  to embed processes that

    • build trust,

    • focus attention on key priorities and

    • improve effectiveness.


What tools do you use?


Assessments include:

  1. Lencioni's 5 Dysfunctions of a Team Assessment to determine what are strengths and what are target areas to focus on improving.

  2. DiSC for team members to understand their operating style at work and how it is best used in the team.

  3. L/I from Human Synergistics to assess the impact of the leader on the team and the strategies they use to motivate and drive the team.



How do I know if this really works?


This program generally runs over 6 months and has pre and post team assessments to measure progress and deliver a positive ROI.