engage your women to succeed

How successful are they, when they are the only woman in the room...

  • they stand out ... as an anomaly not necessarily a leader

  • they experience microaggression from unconscious bias (probably unintentionally)

  • they find it harder to be truly "heard"

  • they have to be more resilient

  • it takes more effort and energy to stay engaged


When there is only one woman in the room...

Engage, prepare, and support your female leaders so they thrive and your organisation prospers.

Balanced Babe Retreats
  • organisational engagement is lower (Gallup)

  • organisational culture is less inclusive and more defensive (Human Synergistics)

  • turnover is higher

  • creative solutions are less easily realised due to less diversity

  • talent and intellectual property is lost

  • understanding of the customer experience is lower

  • net profit margin is 6% lower than it could be


For over 20 years, I have worked with hundreds of successful leaders in top ASX 500 businesses across the globe who wanted more from themselves but didn’t quite know exactly how. My clients have redefined their careers, navigated crucial conversations, achieved that next level position, reconnected with key people and discovered their life-balance.

Having at least 30% of women in leadership positions, or the ”C-suite,” adds 6% to net profit margin - data from the Peterson Institute for International Economics and Ernst and Young

ASX 200 companies are almost there as of December 2018, they were at 29.7% representation at board level. Get more women in the room and at the table with the right coaching, the right systems and the right culture for the right results.

The Care Factor is here to support your women leaders with:

Executive Coaching

Key Note Speaking and Facilitation

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